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About anGie

anGie works with a variety of art forms.
Story creation, puppetry and music weave through every aspect of her life and work; as a children's author, performing artist, crafter and mental health support mentor.

I’m a lover of stories so I’ll let it be known
no matter if its spoken, written, painted or sewn
There’s a story in everything, in everyone
no matter how, when or where it begun

Hand made Puppets and Carved Marionettes


anGie's interest in the puppetry arts has taken her on many adventures around Australia and to far off shores
Studying marionette carving and puppet making techniques in London and in Prague
Performing at festivals in Australia, France and Myanmar
Facilitating puppet making and story creation projects in schools and learning centres.
Cultural exchange with primary school students in Cuba

Puppetry Skill Development & Learnings
Puppet styles & design, charcter development, mechanics of movement and object manipulation.
Story creation: script writing, story boarding and performance techniques.
Personal Development & Growth: Building self esteem and confidence, collaboration and shared experiencing, self expression and communication, strengthening relationships and a sense of belonging.

Examples of projects

Dixons Creek Primary School, year levels F to 6
Artist in Schools program, Creative Victoria.
'Fenced' explores the complexities and comfort zones that divide people. Through the use of puppets we feel safe to explore our differences and personal fears. We learn to take risks, seek understanding and to communicate with others.

'With Birds In Mind'
Geelong East Primary School, year levels 3 & 4
Artist in Schools Program, Creative Learning Partnerships Victoria
'With Birds In Mind' explores the connection between local bird and community life. Through observation, inquiry and a variety of activities, including field trips, mapping and drawing exercises. Gathering data to inform the design and development of hand made puppets and new story creations.

Music & Song

If a picture can paint a thousand words
a song brings it to life so it can be heard.

anGie studied music as a vocalist in the mid 1990's
Performs her own material as a singer song writer and in her live music and story telling children's show, Koo Wee Kapers.
Sings with vocal ensembles and facilitates community singing groups

Children's Books

anGie is a story teller and creator, working with pre school and primary levels.
anGie is the author of two childrens books.

Timba's Tree 2021.
Angie Macmillan, Author
Anita Rowland, Illustrator
A young Koala finds himself on an unexpected journey of survival.
With beautiful water color illustrations.
This story holds an urgent message about the importance of habitat protection.
Timba's Tree available as
print on demand at Booksonline Australia
and internationaly through

Koo Wee Kapers 2012.
Angie Macmillan: Author, Illustrator and Song Writer.
The adventures of a Kangaroo called Koo Wee is told through a uniquley illustrated read along book, brought to life by a spoken narrative and nine original songs.
Koo Wee Kapers book and digital album are available to purchase through Bandcamp

anGie facilitates workshops with children and adults
holds PD days for teachers and service providers.
I’m a lover of stories and now you know
that’s how my life rolls with the ebb and the flow
Everyday offers a brand new page
with possibilities to create and ways to engage

Therapuetic Arts Inquiry

Working with experiential Arts
creating opportunity is dear to my heart
Whether it be simply for fun or to learn
just having a go is the only concern.

anGie studied a Grad Dip in Experiential & Creative Arts Therapy at MIECAT
Puppets as Therapy in London.
She has worked with the experiential creative arts in Youth programs.
with Mothers and babies groups fostering parent child interaction.
In primary schools, developing social skills and building confidence.
With the elderly as well as in mental health prevention and recovery.

Therapeutic Arts Inquiry Kooweearts is available for
individual or group sessions and for NDIS recipients.
In schools, community centers and care facilities.
Kooweearts a pathway to explore, create and have fun. For self discovery, skill development, gaining insights and deeper understandings of self and the world around us.
Bits N PiecesTherapeutic Arts group.
Creating and playing with puppet representations of the self, we explore our strengths, our limitations and possibilities for new ways of being.

Snap ShotsTherapeutic Arts group.
An expression of individual experiences and responses to mental health recovery and well being through photographic image making.

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